What is AcuLase®?

AcuLase® is the use of laser or LED light to stimulate acupuncture points on the human body in order to obtain a positive physiologic result.

Laser acupuncture has been in use since 1970. Currently, there are more than 1000 referenced laser-acupuncture publications (PubMed ID: 32879647).

There are numerous studies showing the benefits of AcuLase® in dentistry. Some of the benefits include: reducing dental anxiety, reducing pain from surgical procedures, increasing likelihood of success in keeping teeth alive when restoring deep cavities, improving sleep, aiding in smoking cessation, increasing salivary flow, improving digestion, improving bone to implant contact, decreases time and severity of cold sores, accelerates tooth movement and decreases tooth sensitivity.

A dental assistant applies AcuLase to a patient

How does AcuLase® Work?

According to traditional Chinese medicine, all organs in the body are located on circuits known as meridians. In disease processes, some part of the circuit, or meridian, is open, which can disrupt proper function of any organ located on the affected meridian. AcuLase® works by stimulating acupuncture points on affected meridians with light energy. When acupuncture points are stimulated, they “close” the circuit of the meridian on which they are located, providing energy (aka “qi”) to organs on the meridian.

AcuLase® may also be used on the ear, which is a type of auriculotherapy. Shining laser or LED light on the ear can have the following benefits: improving sleep, decreasing insomnia, decreasing pain, improving gut function, balancing autonomic nervous system, decreasing anxiety, decreasing depression, decreasing cravings, increasing brain oxygenation, increasing bone density, decreasing blood pressure and heart rate, decreasing inflammation, increasing beta-amyloid clearing, decreasing nerve excitability, improving mood, improving sexual dysfunction, increasing salivary flow, and increasing microcirculation.

The vagus nerve is one of 12 cranial nerves. It is responsible for innervating the heart and the gut. The ear is the only place on the external surface of the human body that can stimulate the vagus nerve. When the vagus nerve is stimulated, it helps the body enter a state of parasympathetic relaxation and digestion (rest and digest). Shining laser or LED light over the ear stimulates the vagus nerve.

AcuLase® is a boon to dentistry, as patients can be easily trained to use light therapy at home to regularly take control of their health.

See AcuLase® in Action

AcuLase® FAQs

Does my dentist offer Aculase®?

If your dentist has been to Dr. Judson Wall’s Holistic Dental Education training or has heard him speak internationally, then yes, your dentist likely offers AcuLase.

Where do a find a dentist who offers AcuLase®?

Ask your doctor or dentist if they have been trained in AcuLase, and if they have not, recommend they visit to learn the protocols.

How can I become trained in AcuLase® and offer it to my patients?

Visit to learn more.

Want to be the first in your area to offer AcuLase®?

We’ll be offering training sessions soon. Just let us know a little information about yourself and we’ll save you a seat!