Holistic Dental Education Series 2023

7 sessions to learn the aspects of a holistic dental practice 

$2295 per session. All sessions held at 235 S. 400 E Bountiful, UT, 84010. Breakfast, lunch, dinner included.

Diagnostics, Administration, Consultation

January 6-7th, 2023

During SESSION ONE, we explore how to diagnose, treatment plan, and communicate using testing and questioning that help us understand the patient. We must first understand before we seek to be understood. Participants take each other from start to finish in a new patient exam. Each doc experiences what the patient experiences.

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TMJ and Modalities

Mar 10-11th, 2023

SESSION TWO involves reviewing anatomy and physiology so we can understand the WHY of session one. Craniofacial pain and dysfunction diagnoses and treatments are covered in depth. How to take and read a CBCT image is taught and practiced. Participants learn and practice injection techniques to relieve pain and help patients HEAL. Participants design and fabricate orthotic and nighttime appliances for each other. A dozen other treatment modalities to relieve pain and dysfunction are taught and practiced.

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Cavitations, Root Canal Removal, Zirconia Implants

April 21-22nd, 2023

One of the most common causes of chronic disease, pain and suffering is dead teeth.  SESSION THREE explores the literature behind diagnosis and treatment of oral infection and ischemic bone disease (aka cavitation).  Live patient surgery augments the experience, showing docs that complications are not unique to them!  Zirconia implant use is also covered in depth, as multiple ceramic implant systems are explored and placed in live surgery.   Participants can handle and experience different makes and models of ceramic implants.  Case studies amplify what is discussed in lecture and seen in surgery.

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Lasers in Dentistry

Jul 28-29th, 2023

SESSION FOUR is the most extensive HANDS-ON laser course that I have yet to see. From caries to biostim to snoring treatment, the Fotona laser can do it ALL! After a brief, but adequate, review of laser physics, every aspect of laser dentistry is explained and demonstrated in depth. “See one, do one, teach one” is the mantra of session four. Alumni are invited to return to present a case study, highlighting things they learned that have helped patients to heal.

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Sep 15-16th, 2023

SESSION FIVE covers everything OZONE. Ozone is likely the MOST beneficial treatment modality in dentistry! Anatomy and physiology are reviewed. Injection techniques are reviewed and practiced. Many simple therapies are taught and practiced that can be used “Monday morning.” Setup, care and maintenance of the Longevity DOU120 ozone unit are covered.

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Orthodontics and Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Oct 6-7th, 2023

One of the most critical components of dentistry is the AIRWAY. SESSION SIX consists of reviewing the anatomy and physiology of the human airway, and how we, as dentists, can intervene at different times in patients’ lives to improve their access to the one drug they cannot live without: oxygen! Arch development, orthodontic treatment and oral sleep appliance therapies are covered in depth. Laser treatment for snoring (Nightlase) is taught, and participants practice on each other. One of the highlights of this course is making (and drinking!) fresh apple cider at my home on Friday night.

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Digital Impressions, CAD/CAM and Restorative

Nov 3-4th, 2023

SESSION SEVEN involves everything digital: digital impressions, 3d printing, digital crown and bridge design, CAD/CAM (including systems that are FAR less expensive and more comprehensive than CEREC). Principles of restoration are taught through case studies and published articles. Participants digitally impress each other and test drive CAD/CAM systems in crown design.

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