Cavitations, RCT Removal, Zirconia Implants

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April 26, 2024

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One of the most common causes of chronic disease, pain and suffering is dead teeth. SESSION THREE explores the literature behind diagnosis and treatment of oral infection, ischemic bone disease (aka cavitation) and toxic titanium alloy implants. Live patient surgery augments the experience, showing docs that complications are not unique to them! Zirconia implant use is also covered in depth, as multiple ceramic implant systems are explored and placed in live surgery. Participants can handle and experience different makes and models of ceramic implants. Case studies amplify what is discussed in lecture and seen in surgery. 16 hrs CDE.

ADD-ON AVAILABLE: SDS ceramic implant hands-on training

NOTE: HDES3 now includes the option of SDS-specific zirconia implant training. This training has been specifically requested by Dr. Ulrich Volz in order to standardize SDS implant placement in the US. SDS-specific training happens on Thursday. The general session happens on Friday and Saturday.

Whether beginner or expert, take your ceramic implant skills to the next level. During this full day training program, you will learn virtual case planning using CBCT, patient selection options, delayed and immediate placement techniques, pre- and post-operative planning including mixing Vit C infusion bags. Then, for hands-on training, placing SDS implants in 3-D printed models from actual case planning.

Topics Include:

  • Understanding implantology – the difference between titanium and zirconia
  • Virtual case planning
  • Immediate and delayed surgical techniques
  • Temporization
  • Pre- and post-operative planning
  • Infusion bag preparation
  • Case Studies review
  • Surgical protocols

Participants have the opportunity to virtually plan and place implants and then actual prep and place them in a 3D model

8 AGD CE hours

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.

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    • April 26, 2024 8:00 am   -   5:00 pm
    • April 27, 2024 8:00 am   -   5:00 pm
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