Larry Bybee DDS

The Holistic seminar series sponsored by Dentanext media and presented by Dr. Judson Wall is a must for anyone seriously practicing holistic and or biological dentistry or is interested in learning more about Holistic dentistry.  Dr Wall is an amazing clinician and is thoroughly qualified to teach all 12 of the classes offered. He has dedicated his practice the past several years to pass on the knowledge he has worked so hard to learn.

During the lecture he will present his views of holistic dentistry and then provide lots of research to support his views and then just as important he shows you how to implement the teaching points in your own practice.

I have had the rare privilege to work with Dr. Wall, now you to can work with him with the Holistic Dental Series live and on demand videos. Watch them repeatedly, I promise you will learn something new every time.

He is on the leading edge of dentistry, join him and learn from him. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Dr. Kevin Wood

Dr. Kevin Wood

The curriculum presented at the Holistic Dental Education Center is in my opinion the very best biological dentistry instruction available. Dr. Judson Wall is recognized as one, if not THE foremost expert in Holistic Dental therapies. His cutting edge protocols are supported by exhaustive published research articles. You will leave with confidence knowing that you have the knowledge to positively impact your patients health and well-being. – Dr. Kevin Wood
Noha Oushy DDS, MPH, CIABDM - International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine

Dr. Wael Borham

I attended my first HDE course based on my wife’s recommendation (she is a holistic dentist). I am a general dentist with a focus on surgeries and implants -nothing too holistic! However, ever since my wife attended one of Dr. Wall’s courses, she has been raving about her experience at his office and how simple, yet sophisticated, thorough, and researched-based, Dr. Wall’s whole-body approach to dentistry is mind blowing and a life-changing experience. I decided to join her in one of his classes. I have to say, this is probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life related to my education. Dr. wall, with his humbleness and knowledge about the oral health connection with the whole body, has changed the way I practice not only dentistry, but life as well! His office, where the courses are held, is very inviting, his staff is very courteous and interactive, the PowerPoint presentations are very to-the-point, and you get downloadable copies that to this day I go back to for references. Thank you Judson for putting this series of unparalleled knowledge in the world of dentistry that can “make the world a better place, one patient at a time.” – Dr. Wael Borham
Noha Oushy DDS, MPH, CIABDM - International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine

Dr. Noha Oushy

HDE has literally changed my life, the way I practice, the health of my family and much more. Dr. Wall is one of the most knowledgeable instructors I have ever had. As soon as you step into his office, you will truly understand what I am talking about. You immediately feel like you are home with family and friends. Learning in such an environment truly makes it a wonderful experience that sticks in your head forever. His team is highly trained and you are learning new things every minute. He stays up to date with the latest research and updates in the biological dental field and he shares so much literature to back up his teaching plus so much hands-on practical experience so you leave pumped and ready to implement on Monday! I still go back to review all the amazing information we leave with after our course. All the slides, research and data is there to share with patients. I feel truly blessed to have found Dr. Wall and continue to learn from him. I can’t wait to go back and learn all the newest protocols Dr. Wall has to teach! What a blessing he is! – Dr. Noha Oushy
dr chelsea martin

Dr. Chelsea Martin

I started taking Dr. Wall’s courses because I wanted to learn about cavitations. I really had no intention of taking ALL of them. I just wanted to learn more about NICO. After attending this course, the amount of information overload was addicting. He gave me a thumbdrive with what feels like most of pubmed inside of it regarding the individual topics. It is so enlightening and a breath of fresh air compared to typical CE courses I have been to. Dr. Wall goes into great depth for overall patient care and breaks each topic down very well. I HAD to keep taking the rest of his courses. I have only two left, and will likely repeat some since he is so on top of current research. My patients are so much better off now that I have the knowledge that Dr. Wall has brought to light. He is truly a blessing to my practice. I recommend him to anyone beginning biological dentistry, and also to those that already have been practicing biologically for some time. I guarantee you will learn a tremendous amount from him. – Dr. Chelsea Martin
J. Terry Alford - Dentist - Bradenton, FL

Dr. J. Terry Alford

I am a practicing dentist for 45 years.  You can surmise that in that time I have attended hundreds of national, state and local educational symposiums trying to stay up to date with the latest dental advancements. Once in a while, you attend an event that is so enlightening and meaningful that the entire program is so stimulating that it stands out as one of the best you have ever experienced.  This kind of experience leaves you with CHANGE. You go back to your office, unlike the majority of courses you take with a different spirit.  Enlightened, lifted, enthused, and a new belief that your ability to provide the best dental care made a quantum leap. I know that every dentist has felt this way at some time in their career.  When I attended Dr. Judson Wall’s course in Bountiful, UT, I came away feeling exactly like I described above.  And to this day ( several years after that course) I am still chest pumped with the knowledge and wisdom and techniques that he shared with me and that I now use to improve the lives of my patients every day.  I have since that date been awed each time I sit in one of his presentations. I find myself seeking him out because I know that I missed something and I always take away not a pearl but a diamond.  He is an educator and in my opinion, the best I have ever known.
A true honor,
Dr. J. Terry Alford
Dentist in Rogers AR Dr Nick Yiannios DDS

Nick Yiannios DDS, MCNO

One word describes Judson: OUTLIER! Most docs have hobbies that involve cars, boats, skiing, gardening, or whatever… Dr. Wall’s dream afternoon is to sit on PubMed and surf for new and better ways to serve his patients, based upon measured and objective science, not necessarily the way the establishment WANTS him to practice his craft! I have known him for almost 5 years now, and his knowledge base and clinical acumen has made me a better practitioner, period. I run a small teaching center known as the Center for Neural Occlusion which proffers cutting-edge trends and techniques in dental medicine, and I am proud to have Judson lecture and contribute as faculty to our CNO5 update each and every year. CNO5 covers PRF, Lasers, Ozone, Zirconia Implants, and the influence that the Sympathetic Nervous System has upon the practice of all facets of dentistry. Guess which of the aforementioned five subjects Dr. Wall very elegantly and succinctly contributes to within those three-day long lectures? All of them. Bottom line, attend the HDE if you would like to become an outlier practitioner that is able to draw patients from afar. Judson and his team will introduce you to concepts that will change the way you practice and show you how to cater to the “holistic” dental patient, a subset that is growing exponentially and will seek you out whether or not you, “…take my insurance…”. My time spent personally attending HDE courses dramatically improved my understanding and application of holistic concepts within the practice of dental medicine. HDE is one of the best practice-building curriculums that I’ve run across in my 30 years of practice, and Dr. Wall is truly one of the most gifted teachers. Highly recommended!!

Nick Yiannios DDS, MCNO
GP, Researcher, Author, CNO Founder

Dr. Felix Liao

Dr. Felix Liao

You, your patients plus your career would all be better off if Dr. Wall’s HDE seminar series were the entire senior year in dental school! If you are living with personal aches & pains and fatigue, taking Dr. Wall’s seminars in his super-cool office is both a professional eye-opener and personal pampering experience. Three thumbs up!!! – Dr. Felix Liao, author of Six Foot Tiger, Three Foot Cage

Dr. Emily Andre

Dr. Emily Andre

Dr Wall’s courses are nothing short of amazing! The material is well put together and the hands on portion really helps to solidify the techniques so you can practice what you learned Monday morning! Meeting other doctors is a bonus…it is wonderful to have such a great support group after you leave! I highly recommend! – Dr. Emily Andre

Dr. Reza Saeidi

Dr. Reza Saeidi

I first discovered the intriguing world of biological/holistic dentistry at a conference in Switzerland. Inspired to dlve deeper, I sought recommendations and was consistently pointed towards Dr. Wall. Every person had glowing reviews about him. Earlier this year, I embarked on my first course with him and was astounded by the wealth of knowledge presented. In just 8 months, I’ve eagerly completed all his available courses and am looking forward to the remaining ones. I’m also considering addressing a few personal dental concerns under his guidance. This journey has truly been transformative, elevating me from a dental technician to a holistic doctor. – Dr. Reza Saeidi

dr vane

Dr. Nicole Vane

I have taken almost all of Dr. Wall’s courses, and have audited many of the courses multiple times. Dr. Wall always updates the content, keeping the leaning fresh and current- not redundant- and provides a learning approach that can include the entire team-it is the sharing of systems, and implementation that provides the greatest value. I LOVE that Dr. Wall’s education is so science and literature based, which helps with eliminating the ” woo woo ” aspect of holistic dentistry, and shines a light on how based in medicine and healing the practice is.

I admire Dr. Wall’s honesty, and the way in which he shares his god-given gift of teaching and understanding deeply the fundamentals of how to heal holistically. Dr. Wall will see me at at least one course annually so that I can keep striving to achieve a practice that can mirror his! I have also completed Dr. Wall’s online curriculum, and have taken that 3-4x in its entirety! I am grateful to have Dr. Wall as a mentor! – Dr. Nicole Vane

Dr Linda Golden

Dr. Linda Golden

I am honored to have had the privilege learning from Dr. Judson Wall and share how he has impacted my practice of dentistry as I close out my career of 33 years in dentistry.

Dr. Wall’s contributions to the field of dentistry are nothing short of exceptional. His groundbreaking study of the research available and innovative insights has expanded my understanding of of how to best treat my patients and elevated the standards of my patient care.
His critical review of publications, engaging conferences, and presentations have consistently demonstrated his depth of knowledge and commitment to advancing dental science.

What truly distinguishes Dr. Wall is his exceptional aptitude for teaching. Under his guidance, I have experienced a transformation in my approach to dentistry. His classes and online courses are a must for those who want to learn the new direction this specific community of dentists are searching for.
Dr. Wall’s willingness to share practical experiences has been instrumental in shaping my clinical skills and critical thinking.

I wholeheartedly credit Dr. Wall for significantly enhancing my proficiency as a dental practitioner. His mentorship has instilled in me the confidence to tackle complex procedures and make informed decisions for my patients. His constructive feedback and encouragement has been invaluable on my journey to continuous improvement.

In closing, I enthusiastically endorse Dr. Judson Wall for his exceptional contributions to the field of dentistry and his unwavering dedication to nurturing the next generation of dental professionals. I am deeply grateful for the privilege of being mentored by him. – Dr. Linda Golden

Kayliegh Short DDS

Dr. Judson Wall and Holistic Dental Education courses are by far the most comprehensive whole health dental courses my team and I have attended. Every course we leave equally overwhelmed with a new abundance of knowledge and an excitement to implement all of your new tools and information. For anyone interested in holistic dentistry, just getting started, or wanting to expand their patient care, Holistic Dental Education courses should be their first priority.

Dr. Sheri Salartash

I heard about Dr. Wall’s course from 2 different sources. I looked up the curriculum and I was so impressed by what I was going to learn. I signed up immediately and took all seven sessions in 2020. I am so thankful for Dr. Wall and his generous contribution to my education. I have learned more from his series than any other CE courses and I take a lot of CEs every year. I also have improved my own health going through his series. His courses are interactive, interesting and full of practical information. Come prepared to take lots of notes and learn holistic information that is only available through his course. His staff are very helpful and he is number one in hospitality. His courses are very organized and it includes lots of hands-on experience. If you want to know all about holistic dentistry and need a course to teach you everything, his series is the one to take.

Carmen Burke

I took the whole series at Dr Judson Wall’s in Utah this year( 2019). It was a great experience!
I learned a lot and I could implement a lot of his teachings in my office. He is a really well known holistic dentist so that itself brought me many more patients. In addition, he is very generous with his knowledge so I highly recommend his classes to everyone who wants to treat patients with a holistic approach. His team is great and the time of the classes was short for everything he teaches. He gave us thumb drives in every class and those are a great source of information. He and his team treated us as family and I still get support from him when I have questions about procedures, materials, etc. His classes have helped our practice tremendously. The facilities are great, great food and snacks. They allowed us to record videos to have for future reference since there was a lot to learn. I am still reviewing them and I always find something new to add to my practice. They took care of every detail even good dinner and entertainment at his house after the Friday class.

I can’t say enough about his classes! Highly recommended!

Giselle M. Batcheller, DDS

Dr. Wall is the Paul McCartney of Biological & Holistic Dentisry.

The Holistic Dental Education Series is a first class CE curriculum with a wealth of information on numerous topics. The facility and support team are amazing. The hands-on opportunities are well organized with ample equipment and accessible instruction. All-around top notch CE, most docs who take one course come back for more courses.  Highly recommend!

Matthew He DMD

Judson Wall’s Holistic Dental Series is a must for any practitioner who wishes to improve the overall health of their patients. Prepare to go beyond just drill and fill dentistry. Dr. Judson Wall does a phenomenal job of teaching you what techniques and treatments really work to benefit your patients. What’s astonishing is the amount of scientific articles he provides in support of his teachings. The courses are exciting and very hands on. Astonishingly enough, I’ve learned so much, not just from Dr. Judson Wall himself, but from the other attendees. The class sizes are just right that it promotes fun and informative dialogue where everyone has something of value to bring to the table. I’ve made many friendships in the class and I always look forward to seeing everyone. Cast any doubt aside because you will not be disappointed with this investment!

Michelle Jorgensen, DDS

There are a few good clinical CE courses that will teach you how to provide holistic dental care, but there are no courses but this one that help you take it home and implement it tomorrow.  Dr. Wall is an extremely talented clinician and educator, and is an open book. He will open his mind, his office, his computer systems, his successes and his failures for you to learn from. There is nothing else like this in dentistry today, and Dr. Wall will help you go to the next level of patient care and practice success.

Dr. Craig Janssen

Dr. Wall’s holistic dental series has been nothing short of spectacular. I have found that the demand for holistic dental/medical services is growing rapidly as people are determined to find practitioners who can identify and aid in correcting root causes of diseases vs the magic drug philosophy pushed by traditional medical/dental practitioners. If nothing else, this series will teach you what you can do help yourself, family and friends with chronic diseases other than taking a life time of expensive pharmaceutical drugs ridden with serious effects. This series empowers us to help and heal others and keep dentistry fun and exciting. Taking this series was one of the best CE choices I have made in my 33 years of dental practice.

Carey O Rielly, DDS

Thank you for all you give. I can count on one hand the number of dentists I’ve met who are as committed to their profession and their patients as you are. I’ve learned so much being a part of your training series, where you opened up your amazing facility to support us in becoming better implant dentists.

Kelly Halverson DDS FAGD

Dr Judson Wall is an incredibly generous teacher and mentor. The 2018 Holistic Dental Series has positively influenced the way I practice dentistry – it has opened my eyes. Dr Wall and his team have been gracious hosts – they have welcomed us with open arms. The food is amazing and if you’re lucky, he might even take you skiing! I am truly grateful for the opportunity.


Dr. David Porter DDS, NMD, IBDM, FICOI, FAGD

I hold Dr. Wall in the highest regard as a educator and clinician. If your goal is to provide better care for your patients regardless of your clinical philosophy, then you must complete Dr. Walls curriculum. He is a opened minded and just as willing to share with you what doesn’t work, as he is what does work. Taking his curriculum has elevated every part of my practice. In my opinion he is one of the top educators in the country and everyone would benefit from his courses.


Dr. Veronica Montgomery

Dr. Wall has the most comprehensive, hands-on, up-to-date, evidence-based holistic series in the country, if not in the world! He has been my mentor since 2017 when I first found out about his courses. I can say that he is not only gracious and generous with sharing his knowledge, but he is also a good friend and the best clinician! His attention to detail and genuine care for his patients are signs of true dedication to practicing dentistry with excellence. I have had the privilege and honor to not only be his student, but also his patient – proof of the level of trust I have in him and his surgical and clinical skills. I recommend Dr. Judson Wall’s courses to anyone wishing to learn more about holistic dentistry, excellence in dentistry overall, and how to better yourself as a surgeon and clinician in general. His classes are inspiring, he is the best host, his facility is state of the art and all the information is evidence-based. You will feel energized and the newly acquired knowledge can be applied in your practice “Monday morning.”